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Wildlife experts call it a "breeding aggregation. A Burmese python nicknamed "Argo" led researchers to a foot-long, pound female python that was surrounded by six randy males—seven including the newly arrived Argo—in what's being called the largest breeding aggregation ever discovered in Collier County, near Naples in Southwest Florida. This isn't a good thing. These snakes aren't from Florida and aren't supposed to be here, and as a result have no predators in the wild to curtail their proliferation. So they go on multiplying and eating whatever they can, clearing the Florida Everglades of birds and other native wildlife like giant, slithering vacuums. Bobcat claws.
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Python leads researchers to a big snake sex party with six males and a foot, pound female

But a study, published today July 6 in Current Biology , reveals that the Central American boa Boa imperator and the Burmese python Python bivittatus use an XY sex determination system, which evolved independently in the two species. Some of these questions came up for Warren Booth , a geneticist and ecologist at the University of Tulsa, as he studied parthenogenesis—the growth and Booth contacted Tony Gamble , a geneticist at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who studies sex chromosomes, to begin a collaboration to investigate whether boas and pythons might actually have X and Y chromosomes. They just said it without any evidence. Historically, scientists used light microscopy to photograph and match up homologous chromosomes.
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A man had sex with a snake and it's on video and it's all over the Internet [via The Daily Dot. That's crazy , you're probably thinking right now. I kind of want to see that. Guess what? You don't.
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We used to assume that male snakes were in charge and females were largely passive, but that has proved to be spectacularly wrong. The anaconda's swollen body suggested she was full of food, so Rivas waited for her to throw up: snakes often vomit after a meal if they have over-eaten or are stressed, to make themselves lighter so they can flee. But instead of a typical prey, like a capybara, a reptilian tail started emerging from her mouth.
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